Taste-of-Asia 3-course Meal
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Taste-of-Asia 3-course Meal

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This Asian evening is full of vibrant Asian flavors!

You will learn how to make a 3-course Asian meal (as you choose for each course):


  • Shrimp-avocado rice-paper rolls with Asian dipping sauce or
  • Asian vegetable rolls


  • Green-curry chicken with fragrant basmati rice or
  • Tofu Pad Thai


  • Kanom Krok (Coconut cakes)

All made from scratch, fresh and delicious!

Workshop is taught by Nour Bahgat; ex- TV cooking program presenter.

Bring your friends and enjoy this delicious Asian evening!

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Nour Bahgat

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I have tried several times rice rolls, but definitely these were my favourite ones ! :D

It is incredibly to have the oportunity of tasting such an elaborated menu for this price. I especially appreciated al the effort Nour put on researching about recipes for the dessert.


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I sincerely enjoyed the "Taste of Asia" dinner which was prepared and hosted by Nour and her husband Ahmed. They create a friendly and hospitable atmosphere that adds to the experience of the dinner. The dishes were superb and indeed delicious as promised by Nour. I fell in love with the shrimp-coconut rice-paper rolls. The rolls are a healthy and tasty appetizer that I highly recommend. The rolls simply melted in my mouth.
The main dish did not fall behind the appetizer. The green-curry chicken with fragrant basmati rice contained the right amount of spices and was cooked to perfection. The dish was not too spicy nor too mild, just perfect.
The dessert was unique. Nour prepared Kanom Krok, a coconut cake that was made crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The texture of the cake was consistent. The cake tasted superb when served warm with a drizzle of powdered sugar.
I will definitely join Nour, Ahmed, and all the lovely guests again for another dinner.