Happy Shoulds - Yoga & Massage Special

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This Yoga & Massage Special is dedicated to the so many many people that suffer stress and tension in neck and shoulders. Caused by a fast lifestyle, repetitive movements, computers or a million ways how we behave different than natural.

With gentle yoga exercises we work on the total body, with focus on the hips/shoulders and the neck/shoulders. In the massage training we will zoom into those area’s with Myo Fascial techniques; that means deep stretches addressing the connective tissue. We will also work with Cranio Sacral, balancing the connective tissue of the skul/neck/face all the way down to the sacrum and back up.

The day will be guided by Noëlle Sterk & Paulo Guimaraes, in English/Dutch depending on the participants.

Costs: 75,00 including biological lunch & juices

10 euro partner discount if you bring a friend
10 euro member discount if you follow weekly yoga with Noëlle Sterk
10 euro loyalty discount if you have joined one of our workshops earlier.

So loyalty discount up to 30 euro!

Venue: Lichtcentrum Schellingwoude, Schellingwouderdijk 337, Amsterdam North.

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Noëlle Sterk
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