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Yoga Retreat Switzerland
(warning: results might be highly effective & transformative :-)

Course will be guided in English and/or Dutch,
all nationalities are welcome.

Yoga is more than a physical practise; it is about life!
If you want to pick fruits that are divine and delicious, you have to cultivate them. We will show you certain aspects of yoga that are easy to integrate and give meaning to your daily life.

Every morning we start in silence with meditation and asanas, followed by yoga philosophy or walks in the lush nature. We offer our selfless service in the kitchen where the best yogic vegan food will be prepared, fresh from the garden. Accommodation is basic and natural; in old stone houses, yurts, tree houses or tents. The place is 100% self supporting, eco proof and amazingly beautiful.

07:00-07:30 meditation
08:00-09:30 element yoga (noelle)
09:45-10:30 ontbijt
10:30-11:30 pauze | karma yoga
11:30-13:00 philosophy (Arjuna)
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-16:00 free time
16:00-17:00 karma yoga
17:00-18:00 restorative yoga (yuna)
18:00-19:00 dinner
20:00-20:30 sharing
20:30-21:30 kirtan | meditation

The Yin/Yang morning classes will be guided by Noelle Sterk, who is so passionate about the ancient wisdom of the 5 elements that she simply can't leave it out of her classes. She loves to offer massages based on the 5 elements, inspired by Thai Yoga, Shiatsu and Myo Fascia.

The philosophy classes in the afternoon will be guided by Arjuna van der Kooij, author of Myths of the Asanas a.o. for Mandala Publishing, musician and yoga philosophy trainer for yoga teacher trainings. Arjuna is a Bhakti Yoga practisioner for over 20 years and loves to share the yoga wisdom.

The restorative evening classes will be guided by Yuna van Munster, trained according to the Himalaya Yoga Tradition, Sivananda & Kundalini yoga. She loves to use her happy healing hands in Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage & Shiatsu.

The place where we will stay is magical, self-sustainable, animal and eco-friendly. It is absolutely worth the 1 hour climb up the hill. Sneak

This week we'll be there nobody but us so we will ask you to help us in the kitchen, which actually is a great pleasure (also for Krishna who receives the food first. ?)

Price: 595,00
Natural Yoga Discount: 100,00*
Travel: based on carpooling app. 50,00

*If booked and payed before 15 July 2014.

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