Dina-Perla Portnaar 
Integrated Communications & PR | BD | Presentation | Writing | Speaking | Coaching

Dina-Perla is a speaker and author of the biography Exodus from the lighthouse, Shadow behind and face towards the sun and the guide Living gracefulness. A third book on online dating is being finalized. She speaks and writes about what she calls living gracefully, namely about personal growth and mind building. She studied the works of many masters and systems. At some point, universal principles will be repetitive, no matter what source they come from. Thus, not the knowledge, competences, tools and recognition are her badges of honor, but the person she became while living through a family history that covers many themes with massive impact on every day life, the person she is now after transitioning and the person she will be in upcoming events. (1:1) teaching, coaching and working on mechanisms that do not serve anymore, is possible. Dina-Perla believes she can support, accelerate and mostly fascilitate unexpected and freeing results in this domain.

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